Welcome to Treadmill Europe DVDs!

VITA Digital Productions has a unique, enjoyable way for you to get your exercise and stay fit! For the past 15 years, our company has been filming treadmill virtual walks in Europe, Egypt, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Turkey, and the United States. These walks are currently being used by thousands of adults throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia - and our list of customers is steadily growing. So what, you may ask, is a Treadmill Virtual Walk?

Treadmill Virtual Walk DVDs (and now High Defintion Video Downloads) are designed to be interactive with you while you exercise. Simply put, most of you step on your treadmill and turn on the TV and/or put on a headset to listen to music - anything to minimize the boredom of walking in place. On one of our trips to Europe 15 years ago, I filmed extensive virtual walking footage as we toured the Greek Isles and Turkey. When we returned home and I stepped onto my treadmill, I started watching some of my home movies of the trip. I became really caught up in reliving some of the great memories we made and found myself really enjoying listening to the snippets of foreign languages being spoken. Instead of being on a treadmill, I felt like I was back in Greece! The time that I spent on my treadmill that afternoon really DID seem to fly by - and thus, the idea was born that in time became Virtual Interactive Tours Abroad, Inc. And after purchasing professional High Definition television cameras along with SteadicamTM camera stabilization equipment, we began traveling to Europe to shoot footage for these Treadmill Virtual Walk DVDs.

Not only are our DVDs and HD Downloads a great motivator for exercise on your treadmill, but they also work well on exercise bikes and nordic tracks; ellipticals; and stair steppers. In fact, we now have over 10 faster paced Cycling and Jogging Scenery videos!

We have filmed Treadmill Virtual Walks in Venice, on the island of Burano, along the famous Appian Way, in Rome, in Amalfi, from the hilltop town of Ravello down to the seaside village of Atrani, and on the isle of Capri. In England, we've filmed Treadmill Virtual Walks in Kent, from the village of Eynsford to Shoreham, in nine different Cotswold villages along the famous Cotswold Way, in seven villages used as filming locations for the BBC TV Series, "Midsomer Murders," and in London. All of these walks are available for sale now.

In addition, we have filmed but not yet edited and released Treadmill walks in the Medieval town of Viterbo, north of Rome, in Ancient Pompeii, and English walks in Salisbury, Canterbury, Hampstead Heath, and in Otford. We've also filmed walks in Hawaii, in Florida, in California, in Egypt, in Scotland, and in Ireland.

We are committed to helping people lose weight and stay healthy by providing interactive Treadmill Virtual Walk DVDs. We currently have over 35 Virtual Experience Videos in our Catalog and we have over 30 more already filmed and in the editing process.

Some Recent Customer Comments

We're pleased that our customers love our Treadmill Virtual Walks - here are just a few of the hundreds of emails we've received:

“ DVD's arrived on Wednesday well ahead of expectations (no problem with customs). Excellent quality and inspirational to run/walk to on my treadmill. Only problem is that the wife has started using the treadmill now and I can't get on it as often as I would like. Will be looking for more running DVD scenery from your company. Any chance of some of the National parks? Especially the tall Redwood tree routes or the Rockies? Many thanks, Darran M., England ”

“ Wow! I love my new Burano DVD and now have it on my IPOD for use in the gym. It is amazing!!! You mention Paris, where I lived until last year...please tell me you will have Paris walking DVD's in the future, it would be great! Thanks, Mary Beth A. ”

“ Yesterday we received all three DVD's. It's for my wife and she loves the Cotswold's. Immediately she watched all three DVD's. You're right the Cotswold's are enchanting. The DVD's are fantastic. Your collection is the best we could find on the Cotswold's. Once again thank you ever so much for the DVd's. All the best! Francis :-)”

“ Just wanted to let you know I'm still walking every day and it's because of your videos. I love every minute of my walk now. When I look down at the time I've spent walking and see 10 minutes have gone by I can't believe it. I feel like I've just started. I've increased my speed now and I really feel physically fit and I believe will be going a full hour pretty soon. Thanks, Nancy N. ”

“ I received the Four Seasons virtual walk today, & I'm VERY pleased with it. Thank you; it will help me get through using the exercise bike or treadmill when it's too rainy, cold, windy, snowy, or hot to walk outside. Shirley S. ”

“ Thank you very much! We already have all the other walks that you have produced and enjoy them immensely. We will definitely enjoy these, and look forward to your new ones. You must have a great time filming them! We certainly enjoy and appreciate your efforts. All the best, Robert and Karen ”

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